The Smiling Voice

The Smiling Voice
11/11/2015 Pablo
The Smiling Voice

All my life I’ve had a dream. My thoughts have never ceased to go into the same direction as far as I can remember.

My head is constantly filled with entrepreneurial ideas; I have always wanted to CREATE something. However, all these ideas diluted as soon they came to me. That happened once and again for a hundred times. The feeling of failure is constant, but any person with the slightest creative and entrepreneurial attitude knows that they cannot stop it. It is not a choice; it is always there. You have to live with it.

I am immensely lucky to have a beautiful woman who sings like a life partner. Yes, Sir. She sings and she does it very well, but of course, I am going to say that… You probably ask yourself what is the meaning of all this. Well, there is a meaning, significant meanings. She is an opera singer (don’t judge her, poor girl, she chose this career, what can we do about it?). Those who live with a singer step to the front! What can we say about this occupation, which is so beautiful but leaves singers so exposed. In my opinion, singers are true heroes. They give it all; they devote to it completely on every occasion. Everything they are, they do, and everything they do, they are. We could call it the profession of TRUTH. You cannot deceive here, there is no way to do it, so you must be at your 100% every time. For that reason, I am always looking for natural supplements to relieve tiredness, vocal fatigue, and mild inflammation, and to dissolve mucus. And it works! It helps, cleans, reduces inflammation, softens…

My nature appears at a time like this, and it traps me, it could not be any other way. An idea was born to bring these products to more singers and, by extension, to anyone who works with their voice.

That is how The Smiling Voice, the idea of my life, was born. It was an idea that contains hundreds of previous ideas. All the illusion and the willingness I had when I undertook each of my previous ideas have been waiting for this moment. I hope it helps you to have a huge Smiling Voice in your life.

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