Care of the Voice: Tips and Curiosities

Care of the Voice: Tips and Curiosities
17/02/2016 Pablo

The voice is our organic instrument, for this reason it always suffers more than any other instrument. This is the reason that voice workers should take special care of their instrument after concerts, conferences, debates, etc. In this article we are going to reveal some secrets and tips on how to take care of the voice.

Did you know that coffee dehydrates the voice?

Coffee has a diuretic effect. If you are a regular consumer, surely you’ve noticed that after taking the coffee, first thing in the morning you go straight to the bathroom. The vocal cords need to preserve its natural casing and with the diuretic effect the vocal tissue loses its hydration. Also carbonated drinks can be a problem for professional voice workers, because they produce an excess of gases, which are highly undesirable when singing or speaking in public.


If you don’t sleep enough, your vocal cords will notice

It’s no mystery that, during sleep, the body rests and repairs itself. At night, also the vocal cords come into complete rest and the voice recovers. We should get at least 6 to 8 hours daily for a healthy rest.

Cooling down the voice is as important as warming up

Warming up the is very important, but after a concert is also vital to let our voice rest and “cool down” so it can recover after a great effort. There are routines like glissandos in siren from top to bottom. But if there is a lot of people and you’re embarrassed, at least you should keep quiet for half an hour.

Don’t force your voice

High notes. We all have the same problem. Sometimes we try to reach them by singing more loudly, even shouting until his voice breaks into a falsetto. It is much more important to focus on the notes that are at the same level as your voice, this means, not having to make an extra effort to achieve them.

Did you know that hoarseness is just an alteration of the voice?

Hoarseness is a modified voice timbre. It can happen after having a very repetitive cough or a night out. Small irritations damage the vocal cords, they swell and change our voice. If the change in voice is lasting longer than two weeks, you should consult a specialist. If not, you can use natural products to take care of the voice. The Smiling Voice offers a magical blend of natural herbs to relieve vocal and respiratory diseases and keep our vocal apparatus in good shape.

Did you know that the voice change is not just a guy thing?

That’s right! Voice change also occurs in girls. Under the influence of puberty also the voice of girls can change. It is clear that in girls this change is more discreet, but we must not circumvent it. During this time of our life, the larynx descends gradually in the neck to its size and final position. The voice changes due to hormonal alterations in the body. In male the voice goes down a full octave, while female voices only go down a third.

Why don’t we like to hear our own voice?

The first time we hear our voice in a recording we always have a very strange feeling and we wonder: Is that me? Does my voice really sound like that?

Well, this happens simply because we cannot recognize our own voice. We are the only ones in the world that can perceive our own voice in a sensitive and perceptive way at the same time. The sensitive would be the vibratory phenomenon and perception is the listening part. When hear ourselves on tape only we only perceive (auditory part), but we lack the sensitive part. This is why we have the impression of not recognizing our own voice.

Breathing exercises will not make you sing better.

That’s the truth. You probably do not even need to increase your lung capacity. The most important thing to know about breathing is that you need to relax it. Take a breath and let your abdomen expand, avoiding tense shoulders.

How can we take care of the voice?

For professional voice workers, taking care of the voice is vital. There are some habits to which we must resign and others that we should include in our daily routine. Good hydration is elemental, don’t smoke, don’t drink carbonated beverages, control your breath, etc. But when the natural care fails we can always go for natural voice care products.


Do you know care products for voice?

At The Smiling Voice, after many years of experience in the music world and the intensive use of the voice, we have developed our own products to take care of the voice. We looked for natural solutions until we found the perfect combination of products that keep the vocal performance always at 100%. We called them our superpowers, being infallible and more effective than any other product on the market. Among them we have are infusions for voice and propolis jelly beans.

If you want to try our superpowers to pamper your voice, you only have to enter our online store. As professionals in vocal matters we can assure that our products don’t fail, and with The Smiling Voice your voice either!




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