An opera singer’s five tools

An opera singer’s five tools
21/05/2015 Pablo

Discover which elements are essential for the high C from the chest.

The maestro:
The invaluable help of his career companion, THE MAESTRO, who resolves any doubts, and gives confidence and advice to help you develop the best roles.
If he is in Vienna, and I am in NY, I will go there, whatever it takes. We stay together for the children, let alone a vocal coach.

Of course, they are the ones who have the best natural recipes to take care of their voices, including infusions and candy. They are always looking for a natural product to help them be at their 100%.

Those thick books full of crossed sticks and notes everywhere. They are studied by heart. My goodness, how brave! That is truly an achievement, and they can even do it many times a year. These people are very rare.
They are worthy reproducers, interpreters, of the genius of a composer who made art in the form of music to make it eternal.

The iPhone keyboard:
A tiny, shy, two-coloured keyboard that has saved more than one singer from having a stroke and has helped them warm up their voices backstage or at the hotel. Yes, Sir. There are people who use the iPhone keyboard. Among them, there are opera singers.

The ego:
Feeling that you are the best, that you are that heroic opera character, and translating your daily life into the drama or mysticism with each phrase. If that happens to you, you have a singer’s ego. Sincerely, I do not think that you can live up to opera roles if you do not feel or live a character deeply. Moreover, how do you take that suit off afterwards? Singer with an ego: I understand you. Even if some cases are just too much.

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